Zanolli Lilliput – Bake off Convection Oven with Steam

The Lilliput is a convection oven which has been conceived to bake croissants, cakes, pizzas, pastries and fresh, frozen or par baked bread.

These ovens are mainly designed for back bar, confectioneries, snack bars, supermarkets and cafes.

With its attractive design and the compact dimensions, it fits conveniently into your kitchen and gives you a fresh product output.

Thanks to its easy to use controls it allows less experienced operators to achieve a professional baking standard.

Other features include:

  • Halogen lamps for easy viewing of your baking.
  • Timer and high quality thermostat.
  • Automatic reversal of ventilation for perfectly even baking results.
  • Rounded corners in the baking chamber for easy cleaning.
  • Steam injection unit included.
  • High quality stainless steel build.
  • Side mounted access door.


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Model External Dimension Tray Capacity (60x40 cm) Max Temp Power (Kw) Weight (kg)
Lilliput 4/MC97x83x6143006.860
Lilliput 6/MC97x83x7763009.270
Lilliput 10/MC97x83x1071030013.7110

Prover Base

Model Dimension Tray Capacity (60x40cm) Power (Kw) Weight (Kg)
Lilliput 4-6/CL 97x83x110 10193
Lilliput 10/CL 97x83x80 6177

Oven Hood

Model Dimensions Weight
Lilliput/TP 97x102x24 24Kg

Oven Stand

Model Dimensions Weight
Lilliput 4-6/BM 97x83x110 58
Lilliput 10/BM 97x83x80 50