Zanolli EP70 Electric Pizza Oven

The Ep70 electric pizza ovens are the most are the most compact member of Zanolli’s prestige deck oven range. Built to a wonderfully high quality and designed to fit 4×12” pizza pans on each deck (4×13” without pans).

  • Fully stainless steel build.
  • Independent decks, each with top and bottom heat control thermostats.
  • Spring loaded doors for soft opening and closing.
  • Full length door handles.
  • Refractory stone baking.
  • Internal cooking area of 70cmx70cm.
  • Viewing window and internal light.
  • Single phase as standard, 3 phase available on request.
  • Modular system allows 1, 2 or 3 deck configuration.
  • Stand available.
  • Hood available with draft chimney.

The high build standard makes Zanolli ovens a popular choice with restaurants and the EP70 models give a compact solution when space is at premium.


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Model Decks Capacity External Internal Temp Power Weight
Citizen EP70 4/MC 1 4x13" 99x99x35 70x70x12 0-400 5.6Kw 100kg
" 4+4/MC 2 8x13" 99x99x59 70x70x12 0-400 5.6x5.6Kw 150kg

Zanolli Ep70 Stand

Stand Dimensions1 Deck 2 Deck 3 Deck Weight 1 Deck 2 Deck 3 Deck
Citizen EP70/BM 99x87x100 99x87x100 99x87x85 40kg 40kg 37kg

Hood with draft Chimney

Stand Dimensions Weight
Citizen EP70/TP 99x121x23 22kg