VRX Chilled Toppings Rails

Ideal for pizzerias and fast foods outlets, these topping rails offer a convenient, space efficient way to store pizza toppings, sandwich filling etc.

They are built to 1/3GN pots for your ingredients and are available with either a stainless steel lid or a glass display cover. Toppings and ingredients should be pre-cooled before being placed in the toppings rail.

The body of the rail is made from a durable stainless steel to ensure a long service life.

Refrigeration is regulated and displayed by a digital control panel. Operation is fully automatic.

GN pots not included in the list price.


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  • Specifications
Model GN Pot Capacity Temp Dimensions (cm) Weight(Kg)
VRX1200 Glass 3x1/3 + 1x1/2 pot +2 to +8 120x39x43 53
VRX1200 Steel 3x1/3 + 1x1/2 pot +2 to +8 120x39x23 38
VRX1500 Glass 5x1/3 + 1x1/2 pot +2 to +8 150x39x43 60
VRX1500 Steel 5x1/3 + 1x1/2 pot +2 to +8 150x39x23 41
VRX2000 Glass 9x1/3 pot +2 to +8 200x39x43 80
VRX2000 Steel 6x1/3 + 2x1/2 pot +2 to +8 200x39x23 48