Restaurant Pizza Prep Tables

Built from a high quality 1.2mm 304 stainless steel with adjustable bullet feet, these tables come in flat pack form for easy assembly on site. They have an extra durable reinforced structure.

These tables have an under shelf of 1.00mm 304 stainless steel and are available with or without a 13cm splash back (on wall bench models).


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  • Specifications
Model Type Dimensions (cm)
AS1200SB1 1 Bowl Sink 120x70x90(+13)
AS1500SB1 1 Bowl Sink 150x70x90(+13)
AS1800SB1 1 Bowl Sink 180x70x90(+13)
AS1200SB2 2 Bowl Sink 120x70x90(+13)
AS1500SB2 2 Bowl Sink 150x70x90(+13)
AS1800SB2 2 Bowl Sink 180x70x90(+13)
AWT0900 Centre Table 90x70x90
AWT1200 Centre Table 120x70x90
AWT1500 Centre Table 150x70x90
AWT1800 Centre Table 180x70x90
AWT0900SB Wall Bench 90x70x90(+13)
AWT1200SB Wall Bench 120x70x90(+13)
AWT1500SB Wall Bench 150x70x90(+13)
AWT1800SB Wall Bench 180x70x90(+13)
AWT09000S Special Oven Stand (with Wheels) 90x95x90