Commercial Sausage Stuffers

High quality, manual sausage stuffer from Italian manufacturer, Fimar; can perform in both vertical and horizontal positioning, saving you that valuable countertop space you crave.

Easily dissassembled allowing for simple cleaning and maintenance.

Some of the key feautures of Fimar’s sausage stuffers include:

  • Stainless steel body with an aluminium piston
  • 2 speeds, one slow for piston advancement, the other fast for return
  • 3 sized funnel’s provided
    – 8mm
    – 16.5mm
    – 23.5mm


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  • Specifications
Model Dimensions Weight Speed Holding Capacity
7LT Horizontal120x40x40cm29kg2rpm7ltr
14LT Horizontal155x45x45cm37kg2rpm14ltr
7LT Vertical40x45x105cm37kg2rpm7ltr
14LT Vertical45x45x140cm47kg2rpm14ltr