Commercial Dough Proofer & Heating Cabinets

Italian manufacturer GEMM provides a range of dough proofer and heating cabinets, used during the baking process to help produce the perfect breads.

Dough proofer cabinets can be programmed to control the proving cycle, setting the required temperature and relative humidity. This helps reduce night work and saves time/costs.

“Cold stage” for conservation and “warm stage” to facilitate proofing. Stages are controlled with an easy to use electronic panel.

  • Made entirely in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel
  • Pressed interior for easy cleaning
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Supplied with castors
  • Versions to take 60cm x 40cm, 80cm x 60cm or 18” x 30” trays
  • Proofer only versions also available.

Dough heating cabinets gently warm your dough in advance to ensure the perfect rise during bake.

Optional humidity control on certain items.

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Model Doors Tray Capacity Temp Dimensions (cm)
AFLV/20 120 Trays (60x40cm) -2 to 35 78x68x212
AFLV/20B 120 Trays (60x40cm) -22 to 35 78x68x212
AFLV/40 1 40 Trays (60x40cm) 20 Trays (18"x30") -2 to 35 78x108x212
AFLV/40B 140 Trays (60x40cm) 20 Trays (18"x30") -22 to 35 78x108x212


Model Doors Tray Capacity Temp Dimensions (cm) Humidity Control
ALEV/20 120 Trays (60x40cm) 40 max 78x68x212 No
ALEV/40 140 Trays (60x40cm) 20 Trays (18"x30") 40 max 78x108x212 No
AFEB/20 120 Trays (60x40cm) 2 to 35 78x68x212 Yes
AFEB/40 140 Trays (60x40cm) 20 Trays (18"x30") 2 to 35 78x108x212 Yes