Pizza Base Dough Rollers – Velma, Pastaline, GIOTTO

The Mini and Maxi are small simplified versions of the standard pizza rollers.

They have a single set of rollers to save space and cost whilst still providing an excellent time saving facility.

The Giotto roller is a modified design to the standard rollers.

The build and usage are identical to the standard shape roller but the tilted roller means an easier throughput of dough.

The Giotto also offers a larger 45cm (18”) model.

It has a sturdy stainless steel body and Perspex safety guards.


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  • Specifications
Model Max Roll Size Max Weight of Dough External Dimensions Weight (Kg)
Mini 30 30cm 12" 300g 43x27x30 34
Maxi 45 45cm 18" 800g 56x37x30 50
D30 30cm 12" 300 42x40x62 29
D45 45cm 18" 500 52x45x74 37