Fimar FES 4+4 Electric Pizza Oven

The market’s most popular size of pizza oven, with each deck big enough to fit 4 x 12” pizzas (in pans) on each deck. Built to be a tough worker, this oven’s a great cornerstone to build your pizza kitchen around. Two completely independent decks, both with top and bottom heat control thermostats. Viewing window and internal light. Display thermometer for each deck. Refractory stone floor for baking in pans or directly on the sole. 66cm2 baking area per deck.... Read more

Little Italy medium sized electric pizza ovens

Little Italy Midi Electric Pizza Oven

These medium sized pizza ovens provide a robust service and quality cooking for small-medium sized pizza outlets. These simple, compact and easy to use ovens are perfect for cooking pizzas, as well as small breads and pies. They have a durable build and are constructed entirely in stainless steel with satin finish. The cooking chambers have a refractory stone base and are well insulated, as well as being equipped with armoured heating elements in AISI321 which are positioned in the... Read more

Stainless steel, extra durable table with reinforced structure

Restaurant Pizza Prep Tables

Built from a high quality 1.2mm 304 stainless steel with adjustable bullet feet, these tables come in flat pack form for easy assembly on site. They have an extra durable reinforced structure. These tables have an under shelf of 1.00mm 304 stainless steel and are available with or without a 13cm splash back (on wall bench models). *** NATIONWIDE DELIVERY *** Read more

Citizen Gas With Hood & Prover

Zanolli Citizen Gas Pizza Ovens

This range of high quality, heavy duty pizza ovens come in two sizes. They have a solid stainless steel construction. The NEW VERSION Citizen 6 (sometimes referred to as G6) fits 6x12” pizzas in pans on each deck and the Citizen 9 (G9) fits 9x12” pizzas in pans. The decks are modular, so can be purchased as a single unit or can be stacked. The baking floor and ceiling of the oven chambers is a special refractory stone material to... Read more

Kingfisher Coolhead RF10 blast chiller

Kingfisher ‘coolhead’ Blast Chillers

The coolhead range of blast chillers gives you a facility to cool food very quickly – this minimises bacterial growth in order to preserve food quality. Bacteria multiply fastest between +80C and +680. By reducing the temperature of cooked food from +700C to +3oC or below within 90 minutes, the food is rendered safe for storage and later consumption. This method of preserving food is commonly used in food catering and also in the preparation of “instant” foods, as it... Read more

VRX chilled toppings rail with glass panel gaurds

VRX Chilled Toppings Rails

Ideal for pizzerias and fast foods outlets, these topping rails offer a convenient, space efficient way to store pizza toppings, sandwich filling etc. They are built to 1/3GN pots for your ingredients and are available with either a stainless steel lid or a glass display cover. Toppings and ingredients should be pre-cooled before being placed in the toppings rail. The body of the rail is made from a durable stainless steel to ensure a long service life. Refrigeration is regulated... Read more

Heavy Duty Kingfisher SH refrigerated prep counter and cupboards

Kingfisher SH Refrigerated Prep Counters

Ideal for pizzerias and fast food outlets, these counters have a stainless steel work area and are built to fit 1/3GN containers for your pizza toppings, sandwich filling or salad for kebabs and burgers. The cupboards underneath are refrigerated for extra storage space. Build characteristics include an interior and exterior built from high grade AISI304 stainless steel, working height of 85cm, electronic control thermostat with automatic operation, 50mm CFC free insulation and magnetic snap in gaskets ( easy to replace... Read more

Kingfisher PS refrigerated prep counter and storage cupboards

Kingfisher PS Refrigerated Prep Counters

The PS range of refrigerated preparation counters offers chilled storage and convenient working area in a single compact unit. The interior and exterior are built from a high quality stainless steel including the work top area. Working height 94cm. Each cupboard is provided with a shelf as standard. Refrigeration is regulated and displayed by a digital control panel. Operation is fully automatic. The compressor is situated underneath the storage compartment in order to give maximum storage space. All models come... Read more

PS900 Compact granite top prep table with two door chilled refrigerated cupboard

PS900 Granite Top Refrigerated Prep Table

This compact prep-fridge gives you the luxury of a granite worktop and the convenience of under counter storage space in the form of a two door chilled cupboard. Comes fitted with wheels as standard. Magnetic snap in gaskets can be changed easily without tools. Stainless steel build. Adjustable shelves (1 with each door). Granite work surface fits 5 x 1/6GN containers. GN containers are not included in the list price- for details got to page 56. Standard feature of kingfisher... Read more

Kingfisher Stainless Steel Bakers Fridge & Freezer

The PA800 baker’s fridge and freezer has substituted the usual shelves found in fridges for runners to take 60cm x 40cm trays- Ideal for bakeries or high output pizzerias. Its capacity is either 20 trays measuring 60cm x 40cm or 10 trays measuring 80cm x 60cm. A conversion kit to allow it to hold 10 of the imperial size 18” x 30” trays is available. All models come fitted with wheels as standard. Standard features of kingfisher refrigeration Adjustable shelves... Read more

Fimar Meat Slicer (Gravity)

Built in anodised aluminium for simple cleaning and maintenance. The advanced features of this machine allow the operator to remove the product carriage for quick and easy cleaning of all parts in contact with foods. Operates with maximum safety. The thickness adjustment dial allows even a particularly thin slice to be obtained with a decimal graduated scale. Cutting efficiency guaranteed by a sharpener with 2 grinders. *** NATIONWIDE DELIVERY *** Read more

Commercial Pasta Maker Fresca MPF1,5

Fimar Fresh Pasta Machines

The Fimar range of pasta machine allows you to mix and produce pasta in a variety of different shapes. With this machines facility, you can ensure that your pasta is produced fresh and to the quality that you need in order to deliver the best tasting, freshest pasta dishes. Interchangeable pasta moulds produce different styles of pasta and an automatic cutting system with timer varies the size of the pieces to your specification. The machines mix the pasta in the first... Read more