Fimar DMB Milkshake Makers

The DMB milkshake maker from the Fimar Easyline range is ideal for producing not only milkshakes but also frappes, cocktails, sorbets and much more Built with an aluminium body and a stainless steel cup Automatically starts when cup attached Read more

Commercial Stick Blenders by Fimar

[embed]http://[/embed] Manufactured in Italy for dependable quality, these hand held stick blenders give your kitchen a versatile tool to create a wide range of products. Suitable for creating purees, sauces, batters, mayonnaise, pesto and much more. The range of uses our mixers possess mean they have a home in every professional kitchen. Variable speed versions include a whisk attachment for even more possibilities. Read more

Commercial Sausage Stuffers

High quality, manual sausage stuffer from Italian manufacturer, Fimar; can perform in both vertical and horizontal positioning, saving you that valuable countertop space you crave. Easily dissassembled allowing for simple cleaning and maintenance. Some of the key feautures of Fimar's sausage stuffers include: Stainless steel body with an aluminium piston 2 speeds, one slow for piston advancement, the other fast for return 3 sized funnel's provided - 8mm - 16.5mm - 23.5mm *** NATIONWIDE DELIVERY *** Read more

Cater Bags Heated Delivery System

Cater Bags are a quality, thermal food delivery system designed to keep food piping hot from your restaurants oven to your customers door. A compatible adapter is included, allowing you to charge from within your car. Temperatures are also easily maintained at 85oc, on the move, with the use of ISO Thermo technology. Some of the other key features of our Cater Bags include: Available in 4 sizes Maintains temperature at 85°c ISO Thermo technology Easy to clean Charges both in... Read more

Commerical Meat Cutting Band Saw

Meat cutting band saws from Italian manufacturer, Fimar. Our band saws are especially designed to cut through thick meat quickly and effectively, making them an extremely efficient and time saving device for butchers, removing the manual labour required of cutting large, tough meat. The band saw features an anodised painted, aluminium body and painted steel stand. Additional features of the band saw include: Emergency button and machine closure switch on lid Motor brake for controlled, intricate cutting Cutting thickness and height adjustment Stainless... Read more

Commercial Meat Grinders 32/RS

Quality commercial meat grinder (32 RS) from Italian manufacturer, Fimar. Including a robust, stainless steel body and hopper, the meat grinder is produced in varying sizes to suit all requirements. The stainless steel grinding unit is also fully removable for easy maintenance and self-sharpening, stainless steel knife supplied. Additional features and accessories of the commercial meat grinder include: Under system unit for fine grinding (i.e.:Hot dogs) Drilled plates & knives - 20mm / 30mm sausage funnels. *** NATIONWIDE DELIVERY *** Read more

Commercial Veg Preparation Machine

These versatile Fimar Veg Preparation machines are the perfect tool for processing fruit, vegetables and much more in a hassle free and efficient way. The top quality, Italian manufacturing from Fimar includes a full stainless steel body, giving the robust machine a high end finish. The safety switches on the handle, mouth and collection chamber ensure maximum user safety. The deluxe TV4000 model can be found equipped with a dedicated stainless steel collection bowl. Additional features and options of the Veg Prep Machines... Read more

Retarder-prover humidity control cabinet

Commercial Dough Proofer & Heating Cabinets

Italian manufacturer GEMM provides a range of dough proofer and heating cabinets, used during the baking process to help produce the perfect breads. Dough proofer cabinets can be programmed to control the proving cycle, setting the required temperature and relative humidity. This helps reduce night work and saves time/costs. “Cold stage” for conservation and “warm stage” to facilitate proofing. Stages are controlled with an easy to use electronic panel. Made entirely in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel Pressed interior for... Read more

Kingfisher PZ refrigerated pizza prep counter with granite work surface

Kingfisher PZ Refrigerated Prep Counters

These high quality pizza prep counters have a granite work surface, independently chilled toppings rail and refrigerated cupboards to fit either 60 x 40cm shelves or dough trays. The luxurious granite work surface (working height 82cm) makes it a favourite amongst pizza chefs. As well as the granite work top, the rest of the counter is made from high quality AISI304 stainless steel and a steel framework. Automatic operation is controlled by a digital control box and display. Models PZ2600S... Read more

Zanolli Citizen Electric Pizza Oven

Zanolli Citizen Electric Pizza Oven

Zanollis range of high quality, heavy duty electric pizza ovens come with a choice of two deck sizes. The citizen 6 (6+6) holds 6x13” pizzas (6x12” in pans) on each deck and the citizen 9 (9+9) fits 9x13” pizzas (9x12” in pans) on each deck. These prestige ovens are built entirely from stainless steel. Armour plated elements are powered up near to the door to compensate for heat loss and ensure even heat dispersion. The baking floor is made from... Read more

Zanolli EP70 Electric Pizza Oven

Zanolli EP70 Electric Pizza Oven

The Ep70 electric pizza ovens are the most are the most compact member of Zanolli’s prestige deck oven range. Built to a wonderfully high quality and designed to fit 4x12” pizza pans on each deck (4x13” without pans). Fully stainless steel build. Independent decks, each with top and bottom heat control thermostats. Spring loaded doors for soft opening and closing. Full length door handles. Refractory stone baking. Internal cooking area of 70cmx70cm. Viewing window and internal light. Single phase as... Read more

Fimar FES 6+6 Electric Pizza Oven

With each deck able to hold 6 x 12” pizzas (in pans), this robust oven is great for a pizzeria that needs a slightly higher than average output. Bake in pans or on the stone, available in single phase or 3 phase, comes with a stand if needed, this substantial pizza baker will provide a great service to a busy kitchen. Two completely independent decks, both with top and bottom heat control thermostats. Viewing window and internal light. Display thermometer... Read more