Little Italy Midi Electric Pizza Oven

These medium sized pizza ovens provide a robust service and quality cooking for small-medium sized pizza outlets.

These simple, compact and easy to use ovens are perfect for cooking pizzas, as well as small breads and pies. They have a durable build and are constructed entirely in stainless steel with satin finish.

The cooking chambers have a refractory stone base and are well insulated, as well as being equipped with armoured heating elements in AISI321 which are positioned in the top and bottom of the oven chamber to ensure a perfect and uniform cooking.

This model now comes fitted with a viewing window and internal light with each deck, to help monitor cooking.

Supplied in single phase as standard.


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  • Specifications
Model Decks Capacity External Internal Temp Power Weight
50/2 2 8x8" 71x59x45 51x51x11 0-360 4.5 40kg