Kingfisher Stainless Steel Fridge & Freezer Cabinets

These single and double door cabinets are made entirely from high grade stainless steel and boast spacious storage capacity (stainless steel interior and exterior).

Magnetic snap-in gaskets are easy to replace without the need for tools.

Doors are lockable and reversible on single door models.

Electronic digital control box for controlling and displaying the temperature.

The GN650 and GN1410 models come equipped with 3 size 2/1GN shelves per door.

The PA800 baker’s fridge and freezer has substituted the usual shelves found in fridges for runners to take 60cm x 40cm trays- Ideal for bakeries or high output pizzerias.

Its capacity is either 20 trays measuring 60cm x 40cm or 10 trays measuring 80cm x 60cm.

A conversion kit to allow it to hold 10 of the imperial size 18” x 30” trays is available.

All models come fitted with wheels as standard.

Standard features of kingfisher refrigeration

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Lockable castors
  • Easy to replace gaskets
  • Stainless steel build
  • Dixcell blue line controller


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  • Specifications
Model Type Doors Capacity Lt (cu ft) Temp Dimensions (cm) Weight (Kg)
GN650TN Fridge 1700 (24) -2 to +8 75x85x201 147
GN650BT Freezer 1700 (24) -22 to -18 75x85x201 147
GN1410TN Fridge 21400 (48) -2 to +8 150x85x201 215
GN1410BT Freezer 21400 (48) -22 to -18 150x85x201 215
PA800 TN Fridge 1800 (27.5) 20 Trays (60x40cm) -2 to +8 75x100x201 170
PA800 BT Freezer 1800 (27.5) 20 Trays (60x40cm) -22 to -18 75x100x201 170