Kingfisher ‘coolhead’ Blast Chillers

The coolhead range of blast chillers gives you a facility to cool food very quickly – this minimises bacterial growth in order to preserve food quality.

Bacteria multiply fastest between +80C and +680. By reducing the temperature of cooked food from +700C to +3oC or below within 90 minutes, the food is rendered safe for storage and later consumption. This method of preserving food is commonly used in food catering and also in the preparation of “instant” foods, as it ensures the safety and the quality of the food product.

Also great for ice cream and other desserts that need chilling quickly.

The units are built in stainless steel with a pressed interior to guarantee hygiene.

R404 refrigerant used. Evco Controller.

  • SOFT and HARD blast chilling cycle
  • HARD shock freezing
  • Core probe as a standard
  • Simplified power control system (3 alphanumeric digits)
  • Easy to dismantle trays holder
  • Refrigerant: R404A

Features of Kingfisher ‘coolhead’ blast chiller

  • Stainless steel inside and outside;
  • Pressed bottom for easy cleaning;
  • Snap-in Gaskets.


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  • Specifications
Model Tray Capacity Chill Cycle (90 minute) Freeze Cycle (270 minute) Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (cm) Weight (Kg)
RF2/3 3xGN2/3 7kg 5kg 600x607x371 48
RF05 5xGN1/1 15kg 10kg 760x700x850 83
RF10 10xGN1/1 32kg 22kg 790x780x1630 139
RF15 15xGN1/1 40kg 28kg 790x780x1970 172