Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixers for Bakeries

These bakery mixers are built to a high level of durability in order to offer high production levels with total reliability.

They will mix a variety of dough for use in bakeries, high output pizzerias, naan bread factories etc.

Mixers are fitted with twin speed and timers for extra production efficiency.

All models have 2 motors, one to drive the bowl and one for the mixing spiral.

Fitted with stainless steel bowl, guard and spiral. Safety switch fitted to bowl guard.

3 Phase power supply required for all models.

Other sizes available on request. Also available are fork dough mixers and dipping arm mixers.


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  • Specifications
Model Capacity(Kg) Dough(Flour) Bowl Size (cm) Diameter x depth Bowl Capacity (litres) Speeds Spiral RPM Bowl RPM Spiral Motor Power (Kw) Bowl Motor Power (Kw) Dimensions (cm) Weight (Kg)
CPM6060 (40)55x39852+ reverse100 rpm 1st speed/ 200 rpm 2nd speed 14 rpm 1 speed= 2 speed1.5-1st speed/ 2.2-2nd speed 0.7553x95x114220
CPM120120 (80)75x441802+ reverse100 rpm 1st speed/ 200 rpm 2nd speed 14 rpm 1 speed= 2 speed2.6-1st speed/4.8-2nd speed0.7578x137x145495
CPM200200 (125)91x492902+ reverse95 rpm 1st speed/ 190 rpm 2nd speed14 rpm 1 speed= 2 speed5.9-1st speed/9.2-2nd speed0.7597x153x141750