Fimar FES 6+6 Electric Pizza Oven

With each deck able to hold 6 x 12” pizzas (in pans), this robust oven is great for a pizzeria that needs a slightly higher than average output.

Bake in pans or on the stone, available in single phase or 3 phase, comes with a stand if needed, this substantial pizza baker will provide a great service to a busy kitchen.

  • Two completely independent decks, both with top and bottom heat control thermostats.
  • Viewing window and internal light.
  • Display thermometer for each deck.
  • Refractory stone floor for baking in pans or directly on the sole.
  • 99.5cm x 66cm baking area per deck. Each deck fits 6 x 12” pizza in pans
  • Stainless steel oven front for lasting good looks
  • Stand available.


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  • Specifications
Model Decks Capacity External Internal Temp Power Weight
6+6 2 12x12" 90x108x75 99.5x66x14 0-450 14.4Kw 159kg