Fimar Meat Slicer (Gravity)

Built in anodised aluminium for simple cleaning and maintenance.

The advanced features of this machine allow the operator to remove the product carriage for quick and easy cleaning of all parts in contact with foods.

Operates with maximum safety.

The thickness adjustment dial allows even a particularly thin slice to be obtained with a decimal graduated scale.

Cutting efficiency guaranteed by a sharpener with 2 grinders.


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  • Specifications
Model Blade (cm) Slice Thickness (mm) Power Kw (Hp) Dimensions (cm) Weight (Kg)
AF250 25 0-15 0.23 (0.3) 62x43x37 15.5
AF300 30 0-15 0.26 (0.35) 65x50x44 23
AF370 37 0-15 0.37 (0.5) 86x57x60 43