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Zanolli Augusto Electric Dome Pizza Oven

The electric powered Augusto oven provides the perfect solution for any theatre pizzeria. The beautiful design creates a traditional appearance; a maximum baking temp of 500⁰C  means that authentic Neapolitan pizza can be baked in 60 seconds; electric power means efficient energy use, no complications with extraction and straightforward long-term maintenance. Quick and easy assembly on site means they can be installed easily without the access problems that other domed pizza ovens create. Our specialist delivery team can ensure that... Read more

Kebab King 4+4 Gas Pizza Oven

Fits 4 x 13” pizzas (4 x 12” in pans) on each deck   Twin decks make good use of space, taking up less room than a traditional single deck gas oven   The baking floor is made out of a refractory stone and is suitable for baking with or without pans   Temperature is controlled by a high quality thermostat with a range of 0-400°C and is displayed by a thermometer on the control panel   Built to a... Read more

Zanolli Citizen Electric Pizza Oven

Zanolli Citizen Electric Pizza Oven

Zanollis range of high quality, heavy duty electric pizza ovens come with a choice of two deck sizes. The citizen 6 (6+6) holds 6x13” pizzas (6x12” in pans) on each deck and the citizen 9 (9+9) fits 9x13” pizzas (9x12” in pans) on each deck. These prestige ovens are built entirely from stainless steel. Armour plated elements are powered up near to the door to compensate for heat loss and ensure even heat dispersion. The baking floor is made from... Read more

Zanolli EP70 Electric Pizza Oven

Zanolli EP70 Electric Pizza Oven

The Ep70 electric pizza ovens are the most are the most compact member of Zanolli’s prestige deck oven range. Built to a wonderfully high quality and designed to fit 4x12” pizza pans on each deck (4x13” without pans). Fully stainless steel build. Independent decks, each with top and bottom heat control thermostats. Spring loaded doors for soft opening and closing. Full length door handles. Refractory stone baking. Internal cooking area of 70cmx70cm. Viewing window and internal light. Single phase as... Read more

Fimar FES 6+6 Electric Pizza Oven

With each deck able to hold 6 x 12” pizzas (in pans), this robust oven is great for a pizzeria that needs a slightly higher than average output. Bake in pans or on the stone, available in single phase or 3 phase, comes with a stand if needed, this substantial pizza baker will provide a great service to a busy kitchen. Two completely independent decks, both with top and bottom heat control thermostats. Viewing window and internal light. Display thermometer... Read more

Fimar FES 4+4 Electric Pizza Oven

The market’s most popular size of pizza oven, with each deck big enough to fit 4 x 12” pizzas (in pans) on each deck. Built to be a tough worker, this oven’s a great cornerstone to build your pizza kitchen around. Two completely independent decks, both with top and bottom heat control thermostats. Viewing window and internal light. Display thermometer for each deck. Refractory stone floor for baking in pans or directly on the sole. 66cm2 baking area per deck.... Read more

Little Italy medium sized electric pizza ovens

Little Italy Midi Electric Pizza Oven

These medium sized pizza ovens provide a robust service and quality cooking for small-medium sized pizza outlets. These simple, compact and easy to use ovens are perfect for cooking pizzas, as well as small breads and pies. They have a durable build and are constructed entirely in stainless steel with satin finish. The cooking chambers have a refractory stone base and are well insulated, as well as being equipped with armoured heating elements in AISI321 which are positioned in the... Read more

Stainless steel, extra durable table with reinforced structure

Restaurant Pizza Prep Tables

Built from a high quality 1.2mm 304 stainless steel with adjustable bullet feet, these tables come in flat pack form for easy assembly on site. They have an extra durable reinforced structure. These tables have an under shelf of 1.00mm 304 stainless steel and are available with or without a 13cm splash back (on wall bench models). *** NATIONWIDE DELIVERY *** Read more

Citizen Gas With Hood & Prover

Zanolli Citizen Gas Pizza Ovens

This range of high quality, heavy duty pizza ovens come in two sizes. They have a solid stainless steel construction. The NEW VERSION Citizen 6 (sometimes referred to as G6) fits 6x12” pizzas in pans on each deck and the Citizen 9 (G9) fits 9x12” pizzas in pans. The decks are modular, so can be purchased as a single unit or can be stacked. The baking floor and ceiling of the oven chambers is a special refractory stone material to... Read more

Zanolli Pizza Press

The pizza press automates the traditional work of pizza makers, enabling them to produce perfectly round pizza bases (400 an hour) saving important time for your workforce. The heated elements mould the dough uniformly without the need for skilled staff. Plates are coated in a non-stick material to prevent the dough sticking. Plate temperature is controlled by top and bottom thermostats and a timer regulates compression time. By gently heating the dough it reduces elasticity. Pizza presses are available with... Read more

Fimar P40 FI42 Dough Roller

Fimar Pizza Dough Rollers

Pizza base dough rollers are an extremely popular method of saving time in today’s pizzerias. They quickly roll out your dough balls into thin discs, ready to add your topping. The rollers are made from high density polypropylene for long lasting service, which are continually cleaned by spring-loaded scrapers. Perspex guards are fitted to the rollers to protect your workers. The body is made from durable stainless steel. These machines are also suitable for other products, such as naan bread... Read more

Giotto Maxi 45 Pizza Base Dough Roller

Pizza Base Dough Rollers – Velma, Pastaline, GIOTTO

The Mini and Maxi are small simplified versions of the standard pizza rollers. They have a single set of rollers to save space and cost whilst still providing an excellent time saving facility. The Giotto roller is a modified design to the standard rollers. The build and usage are identical to the standard shape roller but the tilted roller means an easier throughput of dough. The Giotto also offers a larger 45cm (18”) model. It has a sturdy stainless steel... Read more