Grabbing a Slice of the National Pizza Awards

The National Pizza Awards are set to reveal the best in UK pizza, which is why Zanolli have decided to grab a slice of the action.

Zanolli pizza ovens are chosen by chefs that know that when it comes to cooking pizza, their culinary skills can only do so much and that it’s all down to the bake in the oven to give this much-loved dish it’s signature finish.

Designed to make the cooking of pizza faster and easier without effecting the quality, it’s no surprise that Zanolli have been called upon to become the award’s official Equipment Sponsor, which will culminate in a prestigious award ceremony on October 3.

The awards will see chefs from across the country compete to win one of three prizes including the Overall National Pizza Award, with 16 finalists cooking up their own technical and signature pizza recipes on the night – which will, of course, be baked in Zanolli pizza ovens.

Zanolli ovens are designed with Italian authenticity in mind and are ideal for chefs looking to perfect their pizzas, making them a fantastic ally for contestants trying to impress the judges at the awards.

Teaming up with the awards and Zanolli will be foodservice consultant, Radford Chancellor, who will use his expertise in the industry to support the panel of judges at the awards, trying and testing some of the delectable dishes that the chefs will be cooking up.

Do you think you have what it takes to impress the judges with your delicious pizzas Enter today for your chance to get involved with the awards and cook in the finest, Zanolli pizza ovens from available from catering equipment supplier, Caterbake.

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