What does your favourite pizza topping say about you?

You might be a meat lover or maybe just a plain-and-simple cheese kind of person.


Pizza Topping

But did you know that your favourite pizza topping actually says more about you than just what you like on your thin crust?

According to a new study carried out by Alan Hirsch, the founder of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, your choice of pizza toppings say more about your personality than you may think.

And following the news that even Pizza Express are using Dr Hirsch’s findings to analyze the relationship between a person’s pizza topping and their personality, here’s your chance to find out what your taste in toppings says about you.



Pepperoni Pizza

According to research, those with a penchant for pepperoni are usually extroverts. And due to an outgoing personality that craves attention, can easily get a little bored if things stay the same for any length of time. You could say they need a little extra spice in their life.


Olive Pizza


You either love them or you hate them. And as a pizza topping this feisty little fruit can be just as divisive. But if you are an olive lover rather than a hater you are meant to be affectionate, supportive, trustworthy, while always keen to avoid the spotlight.

Sea Food


Seafood Pizza

Those who opt for the tuna, shrimp or even calamari option  enjoy paying that little bit more for the finer things in life and can be seen as being naturally fresh, alluring, and a little mysterious. They are also principled, intelligent and not to mention critical of others. Hardly surprising coming from a person who actually enjoys eating anchovies.



Chicken Pizza

Something of a pizza staple, choosing chicken as your topping of choice might suggest that you are very low-maintenance and it doesn’t take a lot to make you happy. But this can also be flipped round to say that you are actually driven in life, as well as being competitive and assertive – well that’s according to Dr Hirsch and his research anyway.

Goat’s Cheese


Goat’s cheese isn’t exactly the most common topping you’ll find on a pizza menu, so you won’t be surprised to find out that fans of this dairy product delicacy are described as being easy-going, sensitive and empathetic.

Meat Feast

Meat-Feast Pizza


Those who love a healthy serving of meat on their pizza will often be portrayed as being something of a red blooded, hairy chested alpha male (sorry ladies). But it would seem that as well as being a follower of the herd pizza carnivores are also homebodies who are also very supportive to their peers – maybe when it comes to helping them with their choice of pizza?