Industrial Pizza Dough Mixers & Rollers

At Cater Bake, we take the hassle out of making pizza bases and creating dough balls.

As we provide a range of industrial dough mixers, rollers and sheeters for your restaurant, pizzeria or bakery.

Available in various forms, including: pasta rolling machines, dough mixers and dough rollers; all of which are capable of meeting large demands in a short period of time, making our selection of bakery equipment ideal for busy restaurants, bakeries and pizzeria’s.

A couple of the key features that our bakery equipment provide include:

– Stainless steel frame
– Stainless steel non stick bowl
– Numerous safety features
– Varying speed settings
– Easily disassembled

So save time creating the perfect pizza base by hand, simply just add dough and the machine creates the perfect base or ball, every time.