August 2017

Thermal Food Delivery – Innovating in the Marketplace

Big things are happening at Cater-Bake. We are currently assisting an American fast food giant with the top secret task of trialling delivery services in the UK. The popular fast food chain are looking to keep their delivery trial under wraps as they test it out across the UK, but Cater-Bake are in the loop and...


July 2017

The Future, In a Nutshell

Cater Bake are taking the necessary steps to further progress their business by working with foodservice marketing specialists, Walnut Creative. After an impressive past 12 months, the team at Cater Bake are looking to the future and continual business growth and working with Walnut Creative is just what the firm needs to further propel their brand....


June 2017

Grabbing a Slice of the National Pizza Awards

The National Pizza Awards are set to reveal the best in UK pizza, which is why Zanolli have decided to grab a slice of the action. Zanolli pizza ovens are chosen by chefs that know that when it comes to cooking pizza, their culinary skills can only do so much and that it’s all down to...


May 2017

Rising To The Challenge

Cater Bake continue with their recipe for success, with an extremely impressive growth over the last 12 months. As specialists in premier catering equipment, Cater Bake are extremely proud of the way their business has developed in the last year, which has seen a sales turnover growth of 38 per cent. This progress comes despite a...


August 2016

Cater-Bake Partners with Fimar as their 1st Official UK Representative

Cater-Bake UK Ltd have strengthened their standing in the catering equipment market by agreeing a deal that makes them the official UK agent for Italian manufacturer Fimar. Previously one of a number of UK companies that imported directly from the Italian giant, the new deal sees them become the sole importer and official representation of the brand in...


June 2016

Our Sport Relief Sponsored Row

In a bid to do their bit for Sports Relief, a select few (brave) members of the team at Cater Bake decided to partake in a sponsored row recently. This involved three member of our team, Gareth, Sue and Mark, pull on their best lycra and florescent coloured leg warmers and row continuously throughout the entire 8 hour...


June 2016

Our Certificate of Outstanding Achievement from FIMAR!

Well, we we're recently pleasantly surprised when this fell through our letterbox! A certificate from all the team at the FIMAR Group, one of our suppliers, in recognition to our outstanding sales performance over 2015. Thanks again! We look forward to another successful year together. You can view our FIMAR range of products in the following sections. FIMAR Cooking...


rusty oven knobs

April 2016

Does this sound like you? – 6 signs you NEED a new oven

Although most appliances are built to last, no oven or grill will last forever. Yes, if maintained well, you should be able to rely upon your cooker for many years to come, but as with anything, there will be tell-tale signs for when it’s time to think about getting a newer model. So here are six dead...



April 2015

Making Margherita Pizza in 6 Simple Steps

You don’t need to be a master chef to create great pizza and even a beginner can cope with this simple step-by-step guide to making marvelous Margarita in just six simple steps.   Ingredients For the base 300g strong bread flour 1 tsp instant yeast (from a sachet or a tub) 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp olive...


macaroni pizza

March 2015

5 of the Craziest Pizza Toppings You’ve Ever Seen!

Due to its beautiful simplicity, pizza can be topped with just about anything, meaning there is no end to the culinary delights that some people come up with. To some it's a case of getting carried away and ruining a perfectly good delicacy. Whereas others see it as an outpouring of creativity. So ask yourself are they crazy or...


Cooking tips blackboard

January 2015

15 for ’15: Great Cooking Tips for Everyone!

New Year, New Start, so the saying goes. But that doesn’t always have to be dull things like diets and exercise. You can make it interesting too, like learning a new skill or taking-up a new language. And especially for food fans, there is no end to your culinary creativity. So here are 15 top tips...


Pizza Slices

January 2015

What does your favourite pizza topping say about you?

You might be a meat lover or maybe just a plain-and-simple cheese kind of person.   But did you know that your favourite pizza topping actually says more about you than just what you like on your thin crust? According to a new study carried out by Alan Hirsch, the founder of Chicago’s Smell & Taste...