Does this sound like you? – 6 signs you NEED a new oven

Rusty old oven face

Although most appliances are built to last, no oven or grill will last forever.

Yes, if maintained well, you should be able to rely upon your cooker for many years to come, but as with anything, there will be tell-tale signs for when it’s time to think about getting a newer model.

So here are six dead giveaways that it’s time to replace your existing oven or at least seek professional advice.

Showing signs of rust

Rust can find its way into your food. Although it’s unlikely to have any serious health issues, it doesn’t look great to have a big rusty oven sitting in the corner of your kitchen.

Gas switch doesn’t work

If you find that you are regularly lighting your over manually, as well as being inconvenient this can be very dangerous due to a naked flame coming into contact with escaping gas.

Your energy bills are too high

If your oven is old it’s more than likely to be a conventional oven, which are likely to cause problems when cooking, often finding food on the top shelf to burn, due to warm air rising. On the other hand, newer models are more commonly known as, convection ovens which circulate heat evenly throughout the oven, which allows for a faster cooking time (saves energy lowering electricity bills.

Additionally, newer ovens are designed to take longer to warm up, as they are built with energy efficiency in mind. Therefore buying a new oven can actually save you more money in the long run.

You see an orange flame

You don’t want there to be much (if any) orange flame at all.  So if you do see an orange flame in your oven, then it’s is likely to be down to insufficient oxygen at the combustion point. From here, consider following your oven’s manual to clean the burner if it’s user serviceable or better still, get an expert take a look as you may need a new regulator.

It cuts out

If you oven find that your oven will cut out upon attempting to preheat it, check your cooling fan, you may find it to be blocked by a buildup of dust or other particals.

The best action to take is to simply replace your fan or clean the contense which may be causing the blockage .

Nearby cupboards or units burning

If you find that nearby cupboards or other units show signs of burning. This may be due to heat escaping, likely due to a faulty door seal, creating a gap.

To avoid this, ensure you look out for signs such as this, and replace door seals or doors every few years.


An old or poorly maintained oven can lead to Carbon Monoxide leakage, which can kill!

Purchase a monoxide alarm, this will detect any high levels of monoxide which can occur with ovens over time.

Prevent carbon monoxide leaking by following these simple tips.

– Never put foil on the bottom of your gas oven because it interferes with combustion.

– Never cover slots or holes in the bottom of the oven

– Make sure to turn the vent on over the range while operating

– Don’t use your stove to heat your home

Looking to replace parts for your oven?

Finding the correct part number will help you in determining how old your oven is and assist you when it comes to replacements and repairs.